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Animal Hospital of Waynesville


As your pet ages, you may begin to notice changes in their behavior, mobility, lack of playfulness, eating habits and they just may not seem to be “themselves” anymore. And if your vet confirms the presence of a terminal condition or disease, you might have difficulty deciding when to say goodbye to your beloved family member. However, ending the suffering of your pet is the kindest gift you can give to them in return for all of the unconditional love they have given to you.

Saying goodbye to a long-time friend is sometimes one of the kindest and most loving last deeds we as owners can do. With the understanding that euthanasia can be filled with heartache, guilt, despair, loss, and sometimes relief, we are here to offer support. We work with clients to ensure their pet’s comfort and dignity during this heart-wrenching task. We offer anesthetic sedation prior to euthanasia to help calm the pet, either at the owner’s request or if the situation demands it. Owners are more than welcome to spend as much time with their pet before, during and after the procedure. We are here to support and cater to an owner’s needs. Cremation services are offered or owners may take home their pet’s remains home for personal burial.

As a way to honor the memory of a beloved pet we offer clay paws to all euthanized pets. We place an imprint of the pet’s paw in special molding clay for the owner to take with them, bake at home, and forever have a memento of a beloved friend.

Moira Anderson Allen M. Ed. has written a beautiful article on how you can determine your pet’s quality of life. Simple questions to ask yourself while observing your pet – defining “Quality of Life”. The rest of the Pet Loss site provides excellent resources for coping with the grief of losing your loved pet.

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Use the key factors of quality of life to help assess your pet’s condition. Use the Daily Diary to keep track of your pet’s progress.